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Article and images © by Dave Pierik

I have been playing the cello since I was ten years old. Even before that, I played piano from the age of four.

Cello is my favorite and main instrument, even though I also play keyboards, electric bass, bass viol, violin, viola, guitar, and I've even been lead singer in a band or two.

I have studied cello (and music in general) with Karren Rhea, Dr. Jacob Avshalomov, Zoltan Nanassay, Dr. Larry Zgonc, Dr. William Wharton, Jerry Bobbe and others. Groups I have performed with include the Mt. Hood String Ensemble, the Mt. Hood Pops Orchestra, the Washington-Idaho Symphony (for which I played bass), and a folk band called The Forks (I was the singer) which was featured on KUOI-FM, Moscow (Idaho). I minored in Music, Cello Performance at the Lionel Hampton School of Music (University of Idaho). I will never forget the day I met Lionel Hampton personally (though briefly), it was quite an honor for me.

I am a composer and arranger as well as a performing cello soloist at weddings and other special events including celebrations of life. I have played solos at political fundraisers for two major political parties (I consider myself to be a moderate). I have played for large and small events, anniversaries and retirement parties. I have played at fraternal organizations, clubs, churches, and synagogues, schools, retirement communities, golf clubhouses and many other venues. I have been hired to play for as few as two people, and for hundreds.

One nice thing about the cello is that it combines well with the human voice, whether spoken or sung. I have performed improv events with poets and enjoyed that format very much.

I've been moonlighting cello gigs for over 20 years now, mostly as an unaccompanied soloist. My day job is in advertising.Cello photo and background © 2014 by David V. Pierik

My repertoire exceeds 24 hours without repeating any material because I work from sheet music, but I'm also able to improvise as needed. Years ago I focused my program on classical but now the bulk of what I play centers around jazz standards from the 1920s to the 1960s. I also play a lot of light rock melodies and I'm very fond of The Beatles. I do play several modern pop songs also. Lately I've been refocusing on Bach's Six Suites for Cello, which are incredible. My cello solo heroes include Yo-Yo Ma, Matt Haimovitz and Zoe Keating. For groups, the 2Cellos have broken into the mainstream recently and their work is astonishingly good, and I am also a fan of the Portland Cello Project, Quattrocelli and Apocalyptica.

I'm looking forward to some upcoming studio work and finally getting around to putting out some CDs. Depending upon my schedule, I may be available for soundtrack, video game audio and jingle work as well as for performances in the Puget Sound (WA) area.

Below are links to a couple of my cello sites, I intend to get back to more blogging in the future so more entries will be forthcoming.

Cellodad's Journals is my old weblog from back in the blogspot days. I have a lot of older entries in there and it's a good way for me to keep track of the details of gigs going way back. It's there for anybody to read but it's also kind of a working tool for me too.

Cellodad - Wordpress is newer, just getting going.

Cellodad - Bloghome is also a recent site I'm currently developing. It's likely to be where a lot of my cello stuff is going to be later on.

Let's talk.

Call me at (360) 490-4695 or email me, davepierik@gmail.com.