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You just wrote the great American novel. Now what?

Article and images © by Dave Pierik

There is a huge and quickly growing demand for ebooks right now though and the old stigmas about self-publishing have gone away in this new era. If you've ever thought about writing an ebook, now is the perfect time to do it.

You might be on the verge of greatness. Who knows, you might be the next J.K. Rowling or Steven King. Or maybe you've written a "how to" nonfiction work related to your profession. Perhaps (like me) you have a blog or two just waiting to be taken to the next level.

Maybe you would like to test the ebook waters before you jump in. I'm with you and I can say, so far the water is fine. I am a published (print) game designer and have also published print articles and recently an ebook to Amazon. I'm still able to update my ebook in the future and I plan to. Now that I've done it, I can do it again and I can also guide you through ebook conversion.

I can help you with the process of starting from your electronic document (from Word or another file type) and putting it into an ebook format - whether that be for an e-book or even on-demand printed books. Along the way, I can be your editor if you like.

Imaginary cover design by Dave Pierik for Oblivion Hunter by Larry Jefferson and Chris Williams, photo by Penny Wilson

As a graphic designer, I can create your cover.

If you have all of the other ebook (or printed book) components figured out, great. Maybe all that you need is someone to design your cover. I can do that. I designed mine, and also the imaginary cover at right for "Oblivion Hunter."

The right title and cover along with many other details will determine the success or failure of your ebook (or on-demand printed book) in terms of sales.

One of the main factors is that there are a lot of competing ebook choices available now and the average reader only has so much time. But it's a growing market and the possibilities are endless.

Here is a link to my ebook on Kindle. "Now Playing: Cellodad's Weekly Game." I was surfing the net and found my ebook was also available for sale from a link to the Amazon Kindle site from a German gaming website. In U.S. dollars I'm offering my book for $1, and at the time I looked that translated to 0.89 Euros. It's a big and interesting world and anything can happen.

Let's talk.

Call me at (360) 490-4695 or email me, davepierik@gmail.com.