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What is it about a great logo that keeps you coming back? How can it be that two products can be identical, but somehow we perceive that the one with the better logo is somehow worth more?

Everyone knows that the best car companies, food companies, bank and financial companies all have one thing in common: professional logos.

Over the course of my career in media I have created and/or worked with graphic designers to create hundreds of logos for small businesses. In some cases, I have been asked to name companies.


A lot goes into a "simple" logozaP logo copyright 2013 by David Pierik


No two companies are the same, and each logo should likewise be unique.

My job is to make a lot of money for a lot of other people, but more than that, what I work to achieve is building confidence in companies and brands. With the right message at the right time, presented to the viewer with forethought. A lot of complexity goes into a simple logo.

At some point everybody has to sell something and whether or not you are comfortable withthat, I can help you make that happen. Marketing, advertising, media and sales all go hand in hand with good design.

If you have a product or a service or an idea that needs an identity of its own, a logo is the natural starting place for that so it is worth some effort and investment of time, energy and yes, money.

I can create a logo that can be anything you need it to be, affordably.Happy Ear Music Co. logo copyright 2013 by David Pierik

You will find a few logo samples among the other works in my gallery. Click here to see more.

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