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You would love to build your website on your own. As soon as you have the time. You keep meaning to get around to it. There's so much to learn.

An easy way for you to go would be to find some cookie-cutter template engine, created by someone else. The problem is that most of these types of sites offer little human assistance. Plus, you're stuck with somebody else's ideas, not yours.

Everyone knows the Internet is an incredible tool. At the least, it is a free brochure for your business. At the most it can be much much more than that. You can pay a fortune and get next to nothing if you start with the wrong approach. It's very easy to pay for something you don't really need.

Working Designs

Working Designs graphic © by Dave PierikI begin the process not by talking, or trying to sell you something. I begin by listening. Also, before you risk getting sued by stealing someone's copyrighted image off of the net, talk to me, I'm pretty good with a camera and with graphics. Everything we produce together will belong to you when you're done, and you'll have it all at your fingertips. I'm like an ant, I'm not afraid of hard work or cooperation.

Maybe it's time for you to get some help.

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